"My Newly Printed Greeting cards have arrived"

I had 5x7 greeting cards (see label here: fine art greeting card) printed on fine art linen paper stock (22 different images at 25 cards/image mostly of images taken at best hummingbird shots and all of my the ones from my fountain collection, as well as a few flower ones)...Had the cards printed up by my fantastic online printing outfit ( I will be selling these cards at Shipley Nature Center and at my local nail place..Also I think at my local florist..I've emailed her to find out..I found out yesterday she just got back from maybe will hear from her this I have a big process now of putting each card in plastic sleeve, putting on the price tag, and also I guess I will need to keep track of how many of each card I leave at each location right? I have an urge to take samples to my local Hallmark store too? maybe...when I get a chance I will post a picture of what one of the cards looks like..the image on the front and on the back..I made my own insignia..the image title, an icon of the image, my watermark, then "fine art prints available" and then my web site address under that...looks so nice IMHO!

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