Swallowtail Butterfly Dreams

Posted for the I ♥ Faces Blog's weekly themed challenge "Yellow"

My granddaughter Calista admiring the pretty yellow swallowtail butterflies in her cute yellow daisy dress;-D

Butterfly overlays from my Glorious Nature Art Overlays And Textures Collection II and special butterfly pack (not yet released)...I also used one of my Sheer Overlays "Sheer Delight" which is a warm and bright yellow overlay and Isabelle LaFrance's new action "Soleii de Provence" from her new French Connection Action Set then topped it off with Florabella Actions "Lighten Brighten" and "Vignette"

The Butterfly Garden

Having fun playing with my new butterfly overlays!


Glorious Nature Art Overlays and Textures II

My new collection of artful enhancements, sheer overlays, clouds and textures is now available....I am excited about this new package....have a look at it here !!!

Here is just one example of what adding an overlay, in this case, the Canada Goose and then using all the wonderful textures and actions that are available can do. In this image, as well as adding my Goose Overlay...I added Jessica Drossin's "Blush" texture in overlay mode and Distressed Jewell Texture "In Love with the Sky" in multply mode. I topped it off by applying Shana Rae's Florabella Action "Lighten and Brighten".. which I used on almost all my the light and sunlight glow that action adds to an image..specially one taken at the worse time of day...12 noon!

I had a lot of fun make this one..makes me feel like an oil painter!