Glorious Nature Art Overlays-the Butterflies!

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  • Glorious Nature Butterflies Only Pack
  • 21 Hi Resolution .png files for you to add to your very own images...
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  • Glorious Nature Art Overlays & Textures III  **my best set ever..and a good value too**
  • 65 High Quality, High Resolution Image Files 
  • Textures 60 MB, Birds & Butterflies 1 to 3 MB
  • 300 dpi

24 Textures (jpg)
 5  Texture Overlays (.png)
10 Bird Overlays (.png)
15 Butterflies Overlays (.png)
11 Hummingbird Overlays (.png)

65 Files that make up my latest collection....Glorious Nature Art Overlays and Textures III.  

Over the last three years,  I thoroughly enjoyed taking these pictures and turning them into textures and overlays that you now have the opportunity to add into your own images to create artful creations of your own.  

These textures and overlays originate from my fantastic, high-end cameras and lenses...Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III, Canon 1D Mark III and Mark IV......coupled with the best quality Canon glass available today...for example, all of the birds and butterflies were captured using Canon's EF300mm f/2.8L Lens...making these the best quality, highest resolution textures and overlays to date.

You can see some examples of how I have used these very same textures and overlays in my own images...check here on my blog or have a look on my Flickr site 

As an added bonus, be sure to open up and read the .pdf file, for tips on how to capture bird pictures......especially the hard-to-nail hummingbirds!

Glorious Nature Art Overlays and Textures III $40 USD


Glorious Nature Art Overlays and Textures II

Glorious Nature Art Overlays and Textures II .... $30 USD

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See more examples of how to add these overlays to your own pictures in my Glorious Nature Art Set on Flickr

Add ImageGlorious Nature Art Overlays and Textures I:

Glorious Nature Art Overlays and Textures I .. price reduced to $20 USD

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