Black-Chinned Hummer and Purple Flowers

Love color-coordinated birds and wildflowers ;-D Enchanced with Isabelle Lafrance Photography Diaphanous overlay "Timeless" plus my own new Monotone bokeh overlay and ILP Harmony action "Mellifluous" .. and my own "Flower and Leaf Border Impasto" texture from my just released third collection.

Vintage Spring Blossoms

Used Isabelle Lafrance Photography's Harmony action "Muted Vintage" and then added ILP's Diaphanous Overlay "Grass" for finished edge in overlay mode 100% opacity and a 2nd copy in Multiply mode 10% opacity..


Two Blackbirds in Reeds

Here I added the Yellow-headed he is now a new art overlay (.png)...might as well start collecting some birds for next art overlay/texture set...(IV)...;-D


Anemone in Old Milk Jug

Applied Isabelle LaFrance's FREE "Film Matte PS Action...
then added the newly released Flypaper Textures "Tin Type 1" overlay here...pretty cool vintage edge effects in this fantastic set.

I also used "Field of Golden Light" and "Psychedelic" textures from my newly released collections. The butterfly overlay is one from one of my earlier collections.